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Moon Gif on The Brown Pages
Bugles Snack on The Brown Pages

we here ain't we?

edition xx of The Brown Pages. that is 20, for those, who like me, ain't so swift with the translation and may or may not have to look up roman numerals. lol

it has been far too long.

i was gonna say, i can't seem to get these pages published on a regular basis.


that simply ain't true. 

i hope, avid brown page reader, that by now you have come to count on me to have something for one of  my favorite times of the year. 

the blackest of the seasons

black history month.

this it'll be our third black history month edition

creating edition xx has been a reminder to myself of my own resilience as an artmaker. sometimes (for me) the act of creating/ being a full time artist can feel like infinite darkness,  like i'm always late, tired,  just getting by, waiting for a paycheck  or worrying about the next. it can feel like a plateau in a snowstorm. 

and in those moments i've come (thanks to therapy) to measure my consistency in breaths. returning to gratitude. remembering i live a charmed life with peaks and valleys. 

my growth, nose dive failures, ambitions, and rigor can be measured or simply observed... here.  on The Brown Pages. i dare you to return to the first edition (there is a butterfly to get you back here) and or even this messy ass one, to see just what i mean. lol. oh the progress.

i am proud of the two volumes of newsletters that span just over three years. we've come a long way and i am grateful for all 247 of ya'll who have joined me. thank you. 

now i'ma get out the way...

as always the juice is in the details. don't just scroll. pause for a breath. 

Butterfly on The Brown Pages | Po'Chop | Chicago Peformance

break away from the scroll and get your flutter on. soar around this edition on your own volition. the flutter menu will get you to each section and the butterflies will bring you back here.

classes @ eco

This new year brought NEW classes in a NEW location. Aye. Been thoroughly enjoying pushing and evolving my teaching practice at the lusciously green Eco. Located in Pilsen.  I launched a new ongoing class, Uses of the Erotic: Burlesque as Power that  merges  burlesque, Audre Lorde and self love. This next session I’ll be adding another new class, Po's Choice’. A movement class all about working up a sweat and getting down.  The next session starts March 16!