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ed. i | vol. i

Co-Mission Residency
EnCore performance

when: aug 12,13 + 14

where: links hall

what to expect: these shared-bill shows will feature new solo works from myself (dynamite) and fellow co-mission resident jessica ray (all that i remember)


dynamite is an exploration into memory and masculinity. It is the re imagining of traditions. it is finding one’s self within the legacies of those who came before us.

about "all that i remember" :


here we are. what kind of time does it take to show up, listen, and continue? memory slips through the work as it's composed for the environment, the     viewers, the constraints of the situation. are we still here, right now? Without interruption, carrying on, here for you, you for me. In the absence of music we can follow this wherever it goes. the time we have will be sufficient. 

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*click mr. baldwin's forehead to read my dungeon shook. (but

come back, cause i'll

miss you.)

jessica's flying hair will take you to her bio.

read what fellow co-mission resident joanna furnans had to say about dynamite in the windy city times

what's up ya'll? welcome to the first edition of the brown pages.
the brown pages are where we share
 chicago art/dance/burlesque community
updates, upcoming shows, insights about our artistic practice + more.
follow the arrows (or not) and thank you for reading.

i first read james baldwin's my dungeon shook last summer. unbelievable that i hadn't read this cutting and honest letter that baldwin penned to his nephew before. it reads like "the talk" that so many black parents give their children. instructions on how to come of age, black in america. written over half a century ago (1962) and like much of james baldwin's work is eerily relevant today.*



for the creation of dynamite, my dungeon shook was a text i repeatedly returned to in the studio. i read it out loud and was encouraged by julia rae antonick  (the eyes in the room) to explore the notion of truculence in my movement. this facade baldwin speaks of in the opening paragraph, "like him, you are tough, dark, vulnerable, moody-with a very definite tendency to sound truculent because you want no one to think you are soft" inspired new movement and a new mindset for a moment in dynamite where i was struggling.  the exploration of truculence forced me to delve into my fear of being out of breathe-of an intense and thumping heart. it empowered me to push my body into a new plane. when i emerged on the other side of my fear. i was left with a sensation i rarely allow myself to experience. self-pride. 



i have so much gratitude for the folks at links hall for supporting me through the creation of dynamite. particularly anna tier and roell schmidt for answering every email/question with understanding and compassion and really pushing me to believe in myself and this work.

the biggest of thanks yous to julia rae antonick for being the eyes in the room. her ability to see the core of my fears and blocks while gently pushing me forward greatly impacted dynamite. thank you so much for creating space for this work julia.

and also to bryan saner for being my chair doctor. thank you for patching 'er up. 

Julia alongside johnathen meyer create stunning, groundbreaking dance experiences. check out khecari. they are an incredible chicago based dance organization. 

also thank YOU for reading. stay tuned for the next edition and if you enjoyed reading the brown pages don't be afraid to share/get 'em. i hope to see some of ya'll at dynamite. and i'll leave you with a note from baldwin on the artistic process :

the role of the artist, then, precisely, is to illuminate that darkness, blaze roads through that vast forest; so that we will not in all our doing, lose sight of its purpse, which is, after all, to make the world a more human dwelling place. 

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