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ed. i | vol. i

Co-Mission Residency
EnCore performance

when: aug 12,13 + 14

where: links hall

what to expect: these shared-bill shows will feature new solo works from myself (dynamite) and fellow co-mission resident jessica ray (all that i remember)


dynamite is an exploration into memory and masculinity. It is the re imagining of traditions. it is finding one’s self within the legacies of those who came before us.

about "all that i remember" :


here we are. what kind of time does it take to show up, listen, and continue? memory slips through the work as it's composed for the environment, the     viewers, the constraints of the situation. are we still here, right now? Without interruption, carrying on, here for you, you for me. In the absence of music we can follow this wherever it goes. the time we have will be sufficient. 

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*click mr. baldwin's forehead to read my dungeon shook. (but

come back, cause i'll

miss you.)

jessica's flying hair will take you to her bio.

read what fellow co-mission resident joanna furnans had to say about dynamite in the windy city times

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