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j freeman | po'chop  chicago burlesque + dance artist
j freeman | po'chop  chicago burlesque + dance artist
j freeman | po'chop  chicago burlesque + dance artist

past editions

are growing.

welcome ya'll to edition v of the brown pages. tree tops are changing (here in chicago) and i am reminding the bull (taurus) in me to relish in change. 

in between now and the last edition. i found myself among a spiral*. 

what are the things we tell ourselves in the quiet? where are the lies that shadow reality?

i am detangling myself from the ways in which american culture has trained me to live. chasing successes' mirage.

social media makes it easy to believe that life can be measured. 

i am grateful for reminders to slow down. that productivity is not the equation of happiness/success. 

we have the power to manifest exactly what we need.** 


i got deep at hello. anyways. welcome. 



**taking a moment to acknowledge my privilege. 

ed. v vol. i

audre wrote



'secret poetry.'

we all know

this poetry.

lining our arms.

rusting our teeth.

walking through our hair.


our wild stomach.



mouth tears.

folding itself into waists.

between legs.


climbing up our sadness


our necks



-the secret poetry | audre

(from nayyirah waheed's salt)

j freeman | po'chop  chicago burlesque + dance artist
j freeman | po'chop  chicago burlesque + dance artist

flash back! flash back! Flash Back!

flash back! flash back! Flash Back!

daryn alexus

fLASHBACK to the Daryn Alexus video "I Ain't Got it". If you don't know about Daryn Alexus, YOU LATE! but that's okay because i'm typically late as well. check out the video + read a write up from the producers VAM. all i'm saying this song speaks to the part of me that is trying to understand and change my relationship with capitalism.

VAM Studio | Chicago
Design x Chi Nwosu

it was after performing in a show called grown and sexy in minneapolis that i experienced drag kings like i'd never. massive group acts with elaborate choreography with pristine costumes and lip syncs. i rode back on the megabus inspired. 

this experience combined with the personal experience of my fellow producers emily, andy b & tiff is the base of queer lines. blending spoken word with drag kings. For a full line up and run down click the event flyer.

get them tickets

po'chop | j freeman chicago based artist

Well, I don't know what will happen now. We've got some difficult days ahead. But it really doesn't matter with me now, because I've been to the mountaintop. 

and I don't mind. 


on the road

drawing x sarah meyer

me and my rocker are hitting the road!

don't know about dynamite? head over to ED. I to learn about dynamite and its creation.




on the road

on the road

j'sun howard in the brown pages

j'sun howard a chicago dancemaker + poet + dope human being wrote this beautiful response to dynamite for the performance response journal. check it out!

that's right dynamite is heading to Seattle for Sovereign, a festival produced by Earth pearl Collective. Soverign is Seattle’s First Black Queer One Womyn Show Festival., held Nov 9-11. Sovereign highlights the multifaceted talents of black queer womyn.

po'chop | j freeman chicago based artist

Jeezy's Juke Joint is returning to the White Rabbit in Indianapolis Dec. 2nd!

po'chop | j freeman chicago based artist


THANKS YA'LL FOR READING! the brown pages have been a great addition to my artistic practice. forcing me to reflect on what was, is, and will be. if you enjoy 'em, share 'em. if you love 'em. get 'em. (SUBSCRIBE).  i'll leave ya'll with a fairly cheesy jam that when among a spiral i listen to on repeat. my musical mantra!

shout out -n- thanks

shout out to the 76 folks who have subscribed to the brown pages. i appreciate ya'll support. special shout out to the super fan, sam bailey, who stay asking when the next edition is coming. i see ya'll. i love ya'll. 

countdown to the next edition is published...

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