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ed xix | vol. ii

The Brown Pages | Po’Chop | Jenn Freeman | Chicago Artist | Dance | Performance Artist | Brown Bag


The Brown Pages | Po’Chop | Jenn Freeman | Chicago Artist | Dance | Performance Artist | Hand written Vector

it's been 4 months since the last edition of the brown pages!!

September brought THREE sold out services of The People's Church. the culmination of a year's worth of research and development. building those services and how they were actualized has been emotional and moving and beyond anything we could dare place into words. 

it has been a wild ride of art-making and healing and now, rest. 


reminding myself to return to the breath.

and to where my process starts. The Brown Pages.

This edition is an audio visual recap of The People's Church of the G.H.E.T.T.O. featuring photos from the Friday service by Candice Majors, commissioned portraits on brown paper by Venise Keys and video clips by Carolyn Chen for Free Sprit Media. You'll also find a page of news + press n thangs. 

It's a dense one so let me scooch outta the way. as always thank you for choosing to spend your time here. and don't be afraid to play + go off road. explore & enjoy!

An Affirmation submitted from a Brown Pages

Last edition was all about the process. folks were invited to submit anonymous handwritten mantras. Look for em sprinkled throughout. Click 'em to submit your own that'll be featured in a future edition.

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