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I'm back in the swing of things with edition xi of the brown pages. this is a short one that packs a punch of celebration and pettiness. as always the juice is in the details. click and play. enjoy 'em ya'll!

Dress for Torchy Brown x Jackie Ormes

You like my dress? 

It belongs to Torchy Brown. A cartoon character that was first published in 1937 by Jackie Ormes, the first black woman cartoonist to be syndicated. She later moved to Chicago in the 1940s and wrote for the Chicago Defender! I was gagged because she drew the FIRST black pin up character & designed the first black doll. Torchy Brown & Patti Jo. Jackie created Torchy as an act of defiance. Determined to depict black life outside of characters that were based on stereotypes. Jackie took it upon herself to create the blackest, the proudest cartoon she could draw. Honey she was before her time. Below is a virtual Paper doll that you can dress yourself! Double click on the garments to read how Miss Ormes described her hand drawn garments.

Jenn Freeman | Po'Chop
Jackie Ormes
Jackie Ormes

edition xi | vol. i 

Po'Chop's The Brown Pages

power to the people

Hand drawn vector by Jenn Freeman | Po'Chop
Jenn Freeman | Po'Chop Chicago based burlesque, performnce tist
Jenn Freeman| Po'Chop

A word on being Black in America

another story of black folks getting the police called on them for simply attempting to bbq aka live in america. feel free to click her photo to view the full incident via youtube.

i ain't here to dwell on our continued struggle but rather to uplift and celebrate the pettiness of black folks. the #bbqbeckie memes are some of the best memes of the year.  what #bbqbeckie didn't realize was that our reselience and strength rests in our ability to laugh in & at the face of our oppressors...that is if we can live to see the day.


let's pause for a moment to cleanse these brown pages from #bbqbeckie's energy.

Jennifer Schulte | Stop Calling the Police on Black Folks


tiff gave me a polaroid camera so you can't tell me nothing right now about my ability to capture visual frames. these were taken on my bday!

leave your bday memories below!


That's right on May 16th, i welcomed in my 33rd year of life. Birthdays have always been a mixed bag for me. I tend to shy away from being the center of attention outside of performance + they are a day where i am pushing and pulling against societal & personal standards. overall i can say that this b-day was spent examining growth and beauty (at the Garfield Conservatory) and eating my favorite food (cheese burgers). I am one lucky person and though the life i led ain't easy it is filled with amazing folks who love me and appreciate the art i create. i am so grateful for all of the calls, texts and messages i received. if the spirit moves you feel free to show me some bday love below!

Hand drawn arrow vector by Jenn Freeman | Po'Chop

because oprah can't be on the brown pages without a giveaway or a Big ANNOUNCEMENT!

hand drawn arrow vector by jenn freeman | po'chop

2018 chicago dancemakers forum lab artist

Chicago Dancemakers Forum Logo
po'chop | jenn freeman chicago burlesque artist
po'chop | jenn freeman chicago burlesque artist
po'chop | jenn freeman chicago burlesque artist
po'chop | jenn freeman chicago burlesque artist

What does being awarded as a CDF Lab Artist mean? Myself along with 5 other dancemakers were selected to receive a $15,000 cash grant along with mentorship as we research and develop new work.

This is going to be an experience that I anticipate will greatly impact my dance making practice. I am humbled, excited, scared, and giddy af to be sharing this experience with Nico Rubio, Anna Martine Whitehead, Joanna Furnans, Ayesha Jaco, and Rob Welcher.

2018 CDF

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po'chop | jenn freeman chicago burlesque artist
po'chop | jenn freeman chicago burlesque artist

I learned about Jackie Ormes in Lifting as They Climbed. Remember I told ya'll all about this book in the last edition of The Brown pages! Get into it and order your very own copy to learn about the legacies of black women on Chicago's Southside!

Photo from Thank the Lorde x Greg Inda

thank ya'll for reading and supporting. i'ma end this one with a countdown cause it has been awhile. catch me in des moines for pride with Drag DSM and even sooner at the Metro next Sunday.

Thank You Vector Hand Drawn by Jenn Freeman | Po'Chop
po'chop | jenn freeman chicago burlesque artist
po'chop | jenn freeman chicago burlesque artist

in the meantime look around the joint or better yet hit share and share this edition with your crew!

that's right new brown pages will be published on june 12, 2018

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