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I'm back in the swing of things with edition xi of the brown pages. this is a short one that packs a punch of celebration and pettiness. as always the juice is in the details. click and play. enjoy 'em ya'll!

Dress for Torchy Brown x Jackie Ormes

You like my dress? 

It belongs to Torchy Brown. A cartoon character that was first published in 1937 by Jackie Ormes, the first black woman cartoonist to be syndicated. She later moved to Chicago in the 1940s and wrote for the Chicago Defender! I was gagged because she drew the FIRST black pin up character & designed the first black doll. Torchy Brown & Patti Jo. Jackie created Torchy as an act of defiance. Determined to depict black life outside of characters that were based on stereotypes. Jackie took it upon herself to create the blackest, the proudest cartoon she could draw. Honey she was before her time. Below is a virtual Paper doll that you can dress yourself! Double click on the garments to read how Miss Ormes described her hand drawn garments.