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Welcome to Edition XIII of The Brown Pages! I gotta be honest, I've been luxirating in my retirement with a study (read as binge-watching) of The Real Housewives of Orange County. 13 seasons.  ranging 12 years back. lorde it is a study in fashion, white priviledge, friendship, the economoy, plastic, gossip, the patriachy and SO much more. i don't recommend it. tho, it has made for a deepened research process as i re-imagine an old work that explores american economy. (we'll get into that shortly)

when i'm not completely submerged in the lives of these housewives, i've been enjoying my time in the classrom at Vaudezilla, dreaming and shifting into my year as a CDF 2018 Lab artist and enjoying summer time chi. 

I'm trying my darnest to carve a new path, outside of social media, that connects me to you.  I appreciate ya'll being here

and hope as always you enjoy The Brown Pages. 

selfie taken on the set of LSD 

we are a country of productivity. technology. decaying malls. echo chambers. 

i've been revisiting an old act after finding new inspiration from a now old kanye west moment that involved a hat, twitter, and a weird TMZ outburst. July 3rd i brought my new creation that I am calling Trump n Ye's Power to California Clipper for "It's a Grand Old Drag!" Reflections, qoutes from both Kanye West & King Crimson and inspirations below including beautiful shots from the show from Greg Inda!

Clipper Cabaret:

IT's a Grand Ole Drag


Nothing he's got he really needs
Twenty first century schizoid man

*hint click and drag the money

In this white man's world

we the one's chosen

you got the power to let power go

As apart of The Burning City Entertainment Festival, I'll be bringing this act to Provocatuer a show dedicated to "thought-provoking proclamations, grotesque commentary, the topical, the satirical, and the new normal."

(CLick "get Tickets" for more info)

in Trump n Ye's Power I utlize monopoly money as a symbol of american capitialism and greed. unknowingly this was the original intent of Monopoly. Created by artist, Lizzie Magie in 1904. Monopoly was first named The Landlord and was intended to "demonstrate the evils of accruing vast sums of wealth at the expense of others." She was quoted in 1906 as saying, “In a short time, I hope a very short time, men and women will discover that they are poor because Carnegie and Rockefeller, maybe, have more than they know what to do with.” 

monopoly's history

"Trump n Ye's Power" at Burning CIty Festival | 7.28

Black mother goddess, salt dragon of chaos, Seboulisa, Mawu. Attend me, hold me in your muscular flowering arms, protect me from throwing any part of myself away.

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standing among some super duper indescribably AMAZING artists as a 2018 Chicago Dancemakers Lab Artist. i'll be spending this next year engulfed in my artist practice. digging deep into the creative process. stay tuned. Congrats to my fellow Lab Artist, Ayesha, Martine, Nico, Rob and Joanna! 

7/12 @ The Arts Club of Chicago

sunday evenings are dedicated to my teaching practice at Vaudezilla Studio and I currently have a chunk of time blocked out after my core classes for private lessons and small classes, from 8-9:30. yes, i am also available outside of this time frame, just contact me.

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bye ya'll, as always i appreicate you being here if the spirit is moving you please share this edition with those you think will also enjoy The Brown Pages! until next time


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