remember back in ED. XI when we celebrated being a chicago dancemakers lab artist?

Bubbles on The Brown Pages | Po'Chop
Bubbles on The Brown Pages | Po'Chop
Bubbles on The Brown Pages | Po'Chop
Drawing x Senhyo Kim

I have began my time as a CDF lab artist elbow deep in Bronzeville. wandering across grassy lots. allowing my imagination to sprout now demolished projects back into existence. i am surrounded by a sometimes intangible history that saddens, infuritates and invigorates me all the same. 

typically i would be documenting my findings on brown paper. taped to a wall. a flow map of thoughts, articles, facts, quotes and more.

this time around i'm moving that practice to The Brown Pages. Below you will find the first of many research based flow charts. LEarn Something!


tiff -n- i outside of Ida B Wells' home with our copy of LIfting as They CLimbed in hand.

Bubbles on The Brown Pages | Po'Chop
Bubbles on The Brown Pages | Po'Chop
Bubbles on The Brown Pages | Po'Chop
Bubbles on The Brown Pages | Po'Chop

a working title

meet the bad ass

in her own words

pastor | faith healer 

mother | pioneer Community leader

 elder lucy smith

Jan 14, 1870-june 18,1952

"i want my people to swing out of themselves all of the mis'ry and troubles that is heavy in their hearts."

in her own words

"One Sunday morning at 2625 Cottage Grove the Lord said, 'I want you to be the Pastor and I want you to get up and tell them, precious one.' You know how embarrassing that was but I had to do it. You know some people dont care for a woman pastor."

her legacy in a nutshell

Bubbles on The Brown Pages | Po'Chop

just before labor day tiff n i went to DC. i found myself thinking of this song, while staring at granite memorials of our white fathers. where All Nations once stood is now an empty lot

-established All Nations Pentecostal Church in 1918 an outdoor traveling church in Bronzeville Chicago.

-physically laid the cornerstone @ 3716 S. Langley making her the first black woman pastor in Chicago.

-All Nations was known for it's lit services. Gospel music infused with the foot stomping jazz of the time. 

-All Nations was unlike any other church of it's time in that women held all leadership roles. "White-garbed women 'saints' closest ministerial and administrative compainions.


-All Nations was known for providing services + support to the community.

-first live broadcasted worship program from a black church. 


research to do list 

Obtain a Copy of Elder Smith's biography, From the Farm to the Pulpit. A known publication of it was published as an appendix to Samuel Strong's dissertation in 1940. (Social Types in a Minority Group Fromulation of a Method)

Look for radio recording of "The Glorious Church of the Air" broadcasted on WIND-AM 560 (1933)

Look for Louis A Dulaney letter to the Defender. Written in 9/1934. Any Defender references to Elder Lucy Smith.

visit public housing musuem 


a misc collection of sources 

below includes photos, links to books that mention Elder Lucy Smith, clippings of poems and more. just a bunch of stuff that i wanna be able to access again if needed, including information about the public housing history in Bronzeville.

Religions of the United States
Our America
A City Called Heaven
Passionately Human, No Less Divine
The Lucy Smith Singers
A Letter From Elder Smith
Lifting as They Climbed
Hand written Notes
All Nations Pentecostal Church
Elder Lucy Smith Clippings
Elder Lucy Smith in Jet Magazine

i pray in leveled lots 

to elder lucy smith. 

to eric morse.

to gwendolyn brooks


i pray to

robert taylor

ida b wells

jackie ormes

i pray 

in peach's. 

i pray to a time 

When Mamie Till bared her love

and Mother Smith and her saints healed nations

As Jackie Ormes outfitted Torchy

Before Robert Taylor could warn them against the dangers of rising homes.

i pray from my 3rd floor apartment. 40th & Calumet. as the greenline screeches through a burning sunset.

i prayed

in the Forum.

led by Benard as i crossed a bridge made of plywood and hope. 

staring down at an unfinished basment.

i prayed in the DG. (Dollar General @ pershing -n- South Vincennes)

When an employee snapped "faggot" at a barely belligerent teen refusing to check their bag.

who then responded

as if dared to

by snatching a bag of chips off the rack and sauntering out.

i prayed when Tiff asked the Dollar General employee his name.


i pray entering and exiting home. sweeping on and off the dan ryan.

past a boarded and barren Attucks.

i pray in the name of all my elders and ancestors.


Bubbles on The Brown Pages | Po'Chop
Bubbles on The Brown Pages | Po'Chop
Bubbles on The Brown Pages | Po'Chop
Hand drawn arrow Vector x Jenn Freman
Hand drawn arrow Vector x Jenn Freman

We have a word from

The Brown Pages' Editor, Tiff Beatty.

Bubbles on The Brown Pages | Po'Chop