just 6 months ago i was writing about my retirement out of retail and stepping out as a full-time artist. i'm blessed to have been apart of some beautiful projects. check out what's been happening. 

Hovering Bee on The Brown Pages | Jenn Freeman + Po'Chop
Audre Lorde on The Brown Pages

The Cultural Center

Chicago Dancemakers Elevate

our benedicition

written x tiff beatty

one more thing:

mark your calendars, The People's Church will be gathering on our Lorde's bday feb 18, 2019. more deets coming.

Prayer Hands Emoji on The Brown Pages | Po'hop

The People's Church been out here with pop up services in Chicago and St. Louis. Since the last edition, we uplifted Elder Lucy Smith @ Elevate and reflecting on Audre Lorde's Power @ Black As Eye Wanna Be. 

Be on the lookout for a major announcement from The People's Church of the G.h.e.t.t.o next edition!



shout out to my research to-do list I compiled last edition. here's what's been done.

obtain copy of elder lucy smith biography/visit library

Look for radio recording of "The Glorious Church of the Air" broadcasted on WIND-AM 560 (1933)

St. Louis's The Monocle for Black as Eye Wanna Be

our benedicition

written x tiff beatty

11/30 : Black Friday

October 21, 2018



Jamila Woods on The Brown Pages | Artwork x Brian Dovie Golden
Heavn Here was held on Nov 30th at the Harold Washington Cultural Center. a full performance of Jamila Woods' Heavn. I'm not sure how to describe the evening other than as a transformative experience that brought together some of Chicago's dopest artists. A visual love letter to Chicago. that reached wide. from Eve Ewing to Chicago footworker Lil Bit to Manual Cinema to Assasta's Daughters to Tonika Johnson. it was unlike anything i could imagine. everything we hope for in art.  

I am honored to be featured in the short film for Jamila's Giovanni. I stand among Jamila's mother & grandmother, a former poet laureate, a boxer, and a yoga instructor. Together, all speaking to our paths.


So get into this illuminating short film co-directed by Jamila and Vincent Martell of VAM and encourages us all to stunt for our ancestors.

Jamila Woods |Photo x Shahrnaz Javid
Po'Chop | Photo x Shahrnaz Javid
Jamila Woods in Giovanni
Po'Chop | Zoe Rain Photo
Jamila Woods in Giovanni
Hand drawn vector arrow x Jenn Freeman | Po'Chop
Heavn Here on The Brown Pages | Po'Chop | Jenn Freeman
Manual Cinema on The Brown Pages

enjoy this bootleg sneak peak into the short film made with Manual Cinema. 

Hand drawn arrow vector x Jenn Freeman | Po'Chop
Po'Chop + Jeez Loueez in Convo
CDF Elevate | Chicago Cultural Cente
Po'Chop + Jeez Loueez in Convo
CDF Elevate | Chicago Cultural Cente

We are the children of the Lorde building her house.

The pipe we lay is shaped out of our deepest desires.

The walls we erect are weaponized against the lie of straight white male superiority.

Our windows are guarded against the temptation to perceive difference as a threat.

Our doors open to inviting all of the feelings, all of the friends, all love, respect, and power.