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(2 of 5)    edition xxiii | vol. iii

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we are here

edition 2 of 5

of the LITANY editions


ain't gonna waste no time

we are digging into

PT. II of our five part film 


a prayer said among a heap of broken benches in a Bronzeville lot

performed by the holy spirit

reimagined as Audre Lorde's idea of the erotic 

no sweat

if you don't know about Lorde's erotic or the holy spirit

that's why we come to these pages


the arrowhead leaf over there

is for folks who missed the first edition of this series

where we looked at the research behind

LITANY | PT. I | TORCHY'S TOGS with a brilliant interactive timeline dedicated to the life and work of cartoonist Jackie Ormes.

 give it a click to catch up!

as always dig in 

take yo time



keep pressin on ya'll

arrowhead leaf on Chicago artist Jenn Freeman | Po'Chop's newsletter, The Brown Pages




The next in the LITANY editions will come with a live digital debut on Nov 12 as apart of Columbia College's dance buffet. We created this edition and the next as a Columbia College virtual resident artist. 

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a map of dramaturgy behind Issue (of blood). click the handwritten notes to dig in.