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the brown pages x po'chop


welcome to the edition x of the brown pages. they are thick. cause you know, it's been a minute since the last edition. so take a moment. breathe. maybe grab some tea, a pbr, water, a snack. as i always say the juice is in the details. Enjoy 'em!

Jeezy's Juke Joint

Did you miss our annual weekender in Chicago? This year felt even more kinetic with the addition of Miss Toni Elling, a black burlesque legend from Detroit. Who loved on all the performers and sprinkled her wisdom and joy everywhere she went. 

Thank the Lorde for Shimmy Laroux who captured our conversation with Miss Toni on video. It's to the right. Among the  cast photos taken by greg bell & and divine xo photography.  

fun fact:

this cartoon of jeezy was drawn by Musette + pays homage to burlesque legend Baby Scruggs!

Jeez Loueez drawn by Musette