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edition xvii | vol. ii

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 welcome to Ed. XVII. i've began this year renewing an old vow. to be on my side. to feel my feelings. to dispell fear. to trust my words. to trust myself. i impatiently ask myself "when will you fully embrace the self that you can't deny?" 

patience. breathe.

take a dose of compassion with your breakfast.

fitting that i start this first edition of the new year a bit introspective. don't cha think? i am grateful for these pages and hope you are too. thank you for choosing to spend your time online on The Brown Pages. as always play, explore, go off the road. click where you think you shouldn't. the juice is in the details. i pray to Lorde that you enjoy 'em.

sending love & light,

Jenn Freeman | Po'Chop Chicago Performance Artist