February 18th marks the birth date of my Lorde, Audre. 

on this day last year, i held a service of gratitude entitled Thank the Lorde for her. it was a celebration and reflection on her life and work. specficially her writing, "Uses of the Erotic: The Erotic as Power." Tiff Beatty brought a sermon, avery r young brought an a and b selection, Sister Jeezetta brought the church announcements and ushers Felicia Holman and Shimmy La Roux served as ushers. it was a luminating experience and one that i am currently reworking + reimagining as a CDF Lab Artist

this year i am hosting a birthday party for her at my home. those who come will be invited to share readings, thoughts, conversations, vibes about how Lorde has impacted their lives. 

"bless the black mother who has taught us all to love with resilience and all our might. honor those women in your life whose essence and grace have inspired your creativity and nourished your soul. " 

-Black de Cool Sun,

on February 18th i encourage you to pause and read some of Audre Lorde's writing. below is a link to  her essay Poetry Is Not a Luxury.

Audre Lorde Courtesy of The New York Public Library Digital Collections.

Torchy Brown here laced in my finest togs with a very special invitation!

The Brown Pages would like to feature your handwritten notes + drawn doodles. 

 Submit your creations to be featured in upcoming editions. You will get all the credit ( or not, if that is your jam) including the image being linked to a url of your choice. 

Submiting is easy peasy.

1. Draw\write your creation

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2. Take a picture/scan your creation.

3. Upload it below & enter how you would like to be credited.

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of good news

Tabula Rasa Magazine

this past summer i shot with a stellar team of creatives interested in capturing the essence of chicago burlesque performers. the image that opened this edition was a bts polariod from this shoot.  you'll hafta to peep me in Tabula Rasa Magazine to see the full spread. shoutout to the crew!

Creative Direction:  Lillie Eiger & Laura Gordon _

Photography: Lillie Eiger

Styling: Laura Gordon 

HMU Leatrice LLoyd  

Photo Assistant: Francesca Guinta 

Styling Assistant: Grace Kerpan 

Jeezy's Juke Joint just released our annual Juke Joint poster and ya girl is the poster babe! designed & drawn x Musette. 

tickets been on sale with our tables selling out at a record speed.  if you haven't already... get 'dem tickets, 'cause it's an incredible, life changing event. the reason why i do what i do. The Soul Train of Burlesque. The baddest, blackest, realest burlesque show I know.