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Heading 2


there is a helicopter whirling overhead

the people ruptured

after centuries of pressure

after a pandemic

after a one too many knees on a black mans neck

the people ruptured on the streets

mountains of glass

a trail of og broken glass leading to the feet hired to protect capital

and again i must call attention to the words of the moment.






law and order

black lives matter



tear gas, rubber bullets, violence, safety 

and.i have to continue the work of unraveling myself from the systems that keep me bound.

i am a feminist abolitionist. believing in the ability for communites to create safety. through trust and mutal aid. i blieve in a world where insitutations are built by the people for the people. this edition is created in the face of what audre lorde said, I have 

"Teaching really meant examining the things you most of all needed to know

and in this moment what i needed to know was that a world beyond this one is possible.

i;ve spent alot of time looking within 

thinknabout my own relationship to the police.

my grandfrather was the first black luiencent in my home town in poplar bluff.

i don't know much of his time as an office. i know that that it couldn't t hace been an easy job. among a small ass town that still openly flies confederate flages.

i know first hand that it bred a kinda of internalized self hate that manifested in sharp whisperes of "darkie" when driving public housing unites where black folks hung out. i know he watched tv with a rifle across his lap and a bottle of 1947. 

i know that there were times he'd go to break room at the precint to find a photo of him torn froma newspaper. a time when he was on the front page for his work with his baseball team. bars drawn with sharpie.

even as an enforcer of their law

he was still seen as a criminal

my grandfather. they called him dynamite.

known for his wide heart that was generous up until the borders of his precption of 



this edition is a collection of resources and materials that begin to answer some of the questions that sprouted once i began to imagine a new world free of police. 

the truth is what i've found is that black folks, particularly, women have been doing this work since we've (black folks) have been here. from tubman and soujner. ida b wells and fannie lou hammer. angela davis and ______. mariame kaba to kayla harris. black women have been sharpening their tools and organzing around the single idea that we can create a society that invests in communites instead of insuttions that uphold white supremacy.