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Watercolor flower on Po'Chop's The Brown Pages

Woooooooow! It is hard to believe that two months have passed since the last edition. It has been a wonderful whirlwind of performances, a work in progress showing, a retreat, a roadtrip, a new residency, celebrations and more. I"ve missed these pages and hope you have as well. as always remember that the juice is in the details. you are invited and encouraged to go off the beaten path. click, hover, move. ENGAGE. find tricks and treats just for you. Thank you for spending time on The Brown Pages. Enjoy 'em!


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i'm lucky enough to be able to spend my Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings in the SSCAC workshop space on the third floor. Each morning i climb the wooden stairs past Natalie, and Mrs. Masequa, past a piano that was one of Gwendolyn Brooks' favorite place to write, past the photo of a swarm of artists outside of the building. i share space with some of Chicago's finest. it is a brisk 8 minute walk from my apartment. i walk to work in the footprints of so many other great women who were doing their work. be on the look out for public events that i'll be hosting in partnership with the community center.  more to come...


a national treasure

resident artist at





bts playing with some handmade recreations of jackie ormes paper dress from Torchy Togs.


Woman Flexing on The Brown Pages


Building The People's Church of the G.H.E.T.T.O is gonna be in incubation from  may 20-june 9 at Loyola University. we'll be gathering to create, hatch, and reflect on the lives + work of Audre Lorde, Elder Lucy Smith,  Jackie Ormes & Beauty Turner. i'm excited to be sharing the incubating process with avery r young and Tiff Beatty.

come see what'll be hatching at our work in progress showing June 9th during the Pivot Arts Festival.


The People's Church!

Hand drawn click me vector x Jenn Freeman | Po'Chop

i am excited about being an invited presenter at Burlycon. a weekend long burlesque convention in Seattle. where i'll be teaching Reveling in the Reveal, Basic Burlesque Movement and *DRUMROLL*

lessons from The Brown Pages. that is right, i will be sharing a class about THIS and all that i have learned from that cute, clumsy ass dive i took a year and a half ago when i started The Brown Pages.

i'ma get my powerpoint on BABY!

i am grateful to have started this year off in March by teaching in New Orleans as apart of a retreat hosted by Bella Blue. in one of my classes, Reveling in the Reveal, we read and discussed Uses of the Erotic. popcorn style in a storefront studio. Lorde's words timbering through new voices. wrinkling and booming. unfurling and confusing. it was incredible to experience Audre Lorde for the first time. thru their voices. it is encouraging to still be receiving notes, messages & photos of their own copies of Sister Outsider. 

notes from teaching at the NOLA BURLESQUE Retreat March 2019.