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we used to chant the above proverb during sunday school

alongside clumsy children in

brightly colored classrooms

studying men and their miracles

we remember sitting in the choir stand during service 

ma catching our eye from the congregation 

gesturing with two intertwined fingers

reminding us to cross our ankles

a young lady doesn’t sit with her legs wide open

train up a child

we were raised 

cross ourselves into the smallest square inch

train up a child

(3 of 5)    edition xxiv | vol. iii

Edition XXIV is the third in a five part series

dedicated to our film LITANY.

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Po'Chop is a missive to our younger self

love the span of your legs

our twoness

being both Jenn Freeman and Po'Chop

inspired our latest work


this edition of The Brown Pages dives into COLLAGE

exploring our dualities and contradictions 

admiring Serena Williams and her roar

A Bouncing Tennis Ball on The Brown Pages | Chicago Artist Jenn Freeman, Po'Chop artist journal
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this interactive collage will lead you to dramaturgy behind COLLAGE. Dig in by clicking the handwritten descriptions!

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