edition )



i have answered the call

and am slowing down

what is happening while we are all consumed with our screens?

i want to put my phone in a box and ship it to timbucktu

one of these evenings while making dinner me and tiff

(in our slam poetry voices)

riffing off of ancestor gil scott-heron

tiff: the revolution will not occur on your screen!

me: the revolution will not be a hashtag 

tiff: you can not @

me: or dm the revolution 

the revolution will not go viral

i am screen-sick and scrambling to reread octavia's prophesies

dodging pressures to create content to pacify 

​i am grieving.

i don't want to know nothing about the words coronavirus. pandemic. unprecedented. covid-19. relief. shelter-in-place. virus. pivoting to digital. shout outs to essential workers.

we are changing

capitalism is hungover

old systems crumpling

i invite you to slow down with me​

to make a ritual 

outta placing your devices into boxes for long stints


getting somewhere and sitting down 

reflecting on (the land) home

make yourself at home on these pages. get comfortable. explore and engage

and like always enjoy.

much love and light

*click each step for a deeper exploration of your homebodiness


once you've read through each step log off and enact each one in your own time. once complete take note of how you feel. 

not ready to go?

when you not ready to leave The Brown Pages:

last edition i announced the opening of my online shop were you get exclusive wares such as this audre lorde collage. ours is placed on our altar


thank you for being here