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unlike anything else on the inter-web, the brown pages are home to our reflections, news, bts videos, digital artwork, history lessons, memes, photos and beyond. interactive and playful the brown pages is a purposeful place to learn, share, and explore. 

a reflection on the artistic process, news on being a resident artist at the SSCAC.

features photos from 'dynamite' performed at I.C.U.Q.T.S 2018.

features a reflection on performing in jamila woods' heavn here, the release of mykele deville's type love video + more

read this issue to learn about Bronzeville legends Elder Lucy Smith & Beauty Turner. (this is a heavily referenced edition)

Bubbles on The Brown Pages | Po'Chop
Bubbles on The Brown Pages | Po'Chop

this edition is a visual feast featuring "affirmation" x assata & stunning photography x greg inda & wills glasspiegel.

read about my work Trump  & Ye's Power, monopoly and more.

the beginning of life as a full-time artist, exclusive video of Go Mary! and beyond!

one of the pettiest editions yet. features memes, celebrations and the debut of Jackie Ormes' Torchy.

a college drop-out goes on an unofficial college tour, reflections on Go Mary!

all about Thank the Lorde!

butterflies galore. Learn about Sex Kiki Founder Coriama!

look ma i'm tv. well more like netflix. this edition celebrates the juke joint. my adventures as a drag king.

created on the road. this edition features earth pearl collective, notes from my google doc and more.

woof. this is a messy one. 

writings on zami + sister outsider & my mom. cute frame artwork, and photos from Jeezy's Juke Joint

a stream of stars, a reflection called "why the brown pages" and some messy artwork.

debut of jamila woods' lsd and notes on teaching at Vaudezilla Studios

the first edition. reflections on my solo show dynamite created at links hall.

vol. ii

vol. i

a visual recap of The People's Church of the G.H.E.T.T.O

celebrating our third black history month & it's audre lorde's birthday edition. 


a 3 step ritual to embrace your inner homebody

vol. iii

1 of 5 from the Litany Editions. featuring an interactive timeline: The life and work of Jackie Ormes

2 of 5 of the Litany Editions. Featuring an interactive map: Notes on Issue (of blood).