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Edition xii is here and Lorde doesn't it seem like change is EVERYWHERE! my days as a shop girl at an Andersonville boutique have ended and i've kicked off what i am calling my retirement (from retail) with a roaring six hundred plus audience at Drag King DSM. #blessed As always i hope ya'll enjoy 'em. and don't forget to explore a lilttle. go off roading and click and hover! Thank you for reading. 


This is a great place to tell your story and give people more insight into who you are, what you do, and why it’s all about you.

ed. xii vol. i

Po'Chop x Callie Lipkin
Po'Chop Burlesque Instruction

May 12, 2018

i hope that as a teacher i create an atmosphere conducive to transformation and exploration. i hope to encourage vulnerability and expansion. pushing the boundaries of what you think your body is physically capable. i hope that at the end of an 8 week session of movement/burlesque that you leave with a deeply planted seed of self love.   

post performance w/ my burly q class!

i am enough

i am so proud of these bold women who on May 12th and 19th took the stage and filled the room with their beautiful energy! Ya'll had me shook! THANK YOU!!!!

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 my awe-inspiring students!

Arrow Vector x Jenn Freeman + Po'Chop

on teaching...

Po'Chop + Jenn Freeman Burlesque/Performance Artist
Jackie Ormes featured on The Brown Pages
Why The Brown Pages | Po'Chop + Jenn Freeman

for those of ya'll that need a reminder...


Torchy Brown Here! I am interrupting your Brown Pages experience to bring to you a Brown Pages EXCLUSIVE! That's right I have exclusive footage of Po'Chop's newest work GO MARY!