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the face you make when ed. vii

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finally drops!

i'm LATE...again. mostly because of amazing experiences that i get to share and reflect on here. a friend told me that the origin of holiday is holy day. so, happy holy days. thank you for reading and don't forget the juice is in the details! engage. click. share. but mostly enjoy 'em!



did you see some of the cast of jeezy's juke joint on netflix?

THat's right ya'll! Jeezy, Cruel Valentine, Josephine Shaker and myself were featured in episode 7 of Easy. (they actually said my name after a performance of my favorite act "for the record"!)

Drag King DSM

Des Moines, IA

i left des moines feeling extremely lucky and proud of the fact that i've been able to travel from chicago to seattle to indianapolis to des moines. into spaces and productions that were queer led AND centered voices found along the margins. drag king dsm also allowed me see my fellow juke joint cast member switch the boi wonder in their element! thank you jen c for having me! 

one of my favorite things about performing at indianapolis' white rabbit cabaret is their photo booth. (it is a personal ritual) their photo booth and the lighting design for the show is always on point! check out the photos by Rachel Schwebach to see what i mean about the lighting. ! Click on the photos to move around. 

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farewell 2017

what are the lessons i need to learn?

what are the lies i tell myself?

how can i love myself better?

how can i love better?

how can i love?


how can i love?

i'm skipping the countdown cause lorde knows when i'll be able to sit down and get the next one out.

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wishing you a new year full of your wildest desires. 

I'll leave you with Moses Sumney's plastic. 

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