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ed. vi vol. i

edition vi of the brown pages are HERE! and these are extremely special. this edition is the first created on the road. that's right me and my old ass dell computer packed up and left the comfort of the midwest to head to the rainy +hilly land of seattle. 


ya'll should know by now. please engage. get 'em. share 'em. but mostly enjoy 'em!

Po'Chop x Kriss Abigail

earth pearl collective has been a consistent supporter of my work. some of ya'll might recall Accept Variety in Chicago. A variety show that centered black women artists from across Chicago. Accept Variety was where i first saw Nic Kay move, first met T.Ayo from Ayodele, and was one of the first experiences where my imagined audience became a reality. for earth pearl to be the first folks to make way for 'dynamite' to hit the road feels so right. There isn't enough words to express my deep gratitude. 

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Here's a peak into Om Jahari's show. Om Jahari is a Seattle native ‘artist/vocalist/wordsmith/visual muse’ surfer all around bad ass artist. 

from a punk rocker to a modern dancer to a poet. sovereign amplified black queer womyn's voices. check out the other artists i had the honor of sharing the stage with! each one of their shows had me in tears. they were the highlight of seattle for me. i felt among family. i WAS among family.there was an ease to our connection that had me sad to leave.

meet the sovereign cast