ed. iii vol. i

photo x kriss abigail

when was the last time you pause.d for a breath? 



just finished reading Aurdre Lorde's, Zami. Lorde, moreso than any other artist/free thinker has greatly impacted my preceptive of life, art, blackness, + much more. in an upcoming edition i'll delve deeper but for now. brush up on lorde's work by listening to me recite one of my favorite poems of hers 'a litany for survival'+ read 'the master's tools will never dismantle the master's tools.' now i know this is one of her most famous quotes but have you read the full essay? 'cause she goes OFF in her opening statement. C'mon LORDE!


edition three is here ya'll. the juice is in the details. so please engage. play. get 'em. interact. SHARE but really i just want ya'll to enjoy 'em!

tiff got me pulling tarot cards. my recent pull was le bateleur (the magician). because of this i've been reflecting on what it means to be a conduit and ways we as humans can be our own stumbling block.

if you don't know about King Khan's Black Power Tarot Deck. Check it out. They are stunning and purposefully made. 

this way to a bootleg pdf. (courtesy of the web) click "Lorde"


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