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published 9.20.2020

Arrowhead Leaf | The Brown Pages | Po'Chop | Jenn Freeman | Artist

(1 of 5)    edition xxii | vol. iii

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Textures from Chicago to Missouri
Textures from Chicago to Missouri
Textures from Chicago to Missouri

sitting in front of a wild arrowhead 

a healthy bush of green hearts

aunt lisa beams through grief

she tells me she misses her hairs

in quiet moments 

i watch her fingertips graze

across the grey fuzz growing from her scalp

head bent 

we listen to the blues 

and we hold her grief

you can cry auntie


we want to tell her about lorde

about how she too had cancer

and transformed her wounds into medals

we want to tell her about the mornings 

Lorde spent at the edge

of her bed

eyes pressed closed

visualizing survival


we fill the room 

with Chaka Khan

and like Lorde 

we dance


later we sit at the kitchen table 

in front of my laptop glowing

as we watch my unreleased film Torchy’s Togs

she giggles at the moment when i wiggle

my tail and says you’ve always been silly

afterwards i tell her about Jackie Ormes

and she tells me that i'll go far

and i try to pause to breathe in her blessing


i will go far auntie

aunt lisa transitioned the day before the release of Torchy’s Togs 

her life and work continues through me

we will go far auntie

This edition of The Brown Pages is the first of a quintet created alongside my latest project 

a 5-part film entitled, LITANY.


The Litany Editions will provide insight into the creation of each chapter of LITANY.

Part I of LITANY, Torchy’s Togs, was released

August 19, 2020.


In this edition, we take a closer look at the cartoonist Jackie Ormes, the muse behind LITNAY's first chapter, Torchy's Togs, with an interactive timeline named:


The Life and work of Zelda Jackie Ormes.


As always, these pages are intended to be savored. Slow down, engage, click. read. But mostly we hope you enjoy ‘em. 

the LITANY trailer

Arrowhead Leaf | The Brown Pages | Po'Chop | Jenn Freeman | Artist

Lisa Blackman holding firstborn | Brad

Come on everybody! It's time to come clean. Have you watched Part I of LITANY, Torchy's Togs?

Arrowhead Leaf | The Brown Pages | Po'Chop | Jenn Freeman | Artist

pst. don't leave Torchy hanging. click your answer.

The first woman & Black woman with a nationally syndicated cartoon in America and the creator of Torchy Brown.


There is much to be learned from the life and work of Jackie Ormes. Below you’ll find a timeline of her life and musings on how her legacy is reflected in the film, Torchy's Togs