Edition XXI (21) is here and marks the beginning of volume 3 of The Brown Pages!


among a pandemic and innumerable days spent at home.

i am a homebody by nature but this is different. an ordained “keep yo ass at home” rustles my inner bull. 

i’ve found myself feeling pressure to create content. to zoom and google hang. to take online classes from far away teachers that i otherwise wouldn’t have been able to experience. to shift my own teaching practice online. to record performances in my living room.


i don’t want to and that is a truth i’ve fought hard to admit. believing it to be selfish. childish. 

inspiration hasn’t sprouted since this newfound limitation. just a stagnant “naw'

i've found comfort in meditation. in embroidering the words of audre lorde and octavia butler. in long naps. in yoga. in google hangs with friends & collaborators. walks around my neighborhood. daily texts from my dad. lists of gratitude. tiger king. westworld. jounraling. delicious meals shared with tiff. fresh tumeric and ginger tea. 

As i mentioned last edition. The Brown Pages continue to be a reprieve for me. just when i am about to get down on myself for not creating. I return here. my virtual art practice that i manifested long before this chaotic shift.

So, I offer Edition XXI to you as a repreive.


a reflection over our vast catalogue of 21 editions and two bustling volumes. here you'll find "A Homebody's Edition: 5 Things to do on The Brown Pages when you ain't leaving the house anytime soon." 

Sprinkled throughout our curated list are handwritten mantras/affirmations/reflections from a few folks who continue to inspire my own artistic practice. 


Enjoy em! Dig in, play and engage. as i always say the “juice is in the details”

Sending all of the love, light, and health. Thank you for being here with me.

for when you ain't leaving the house anytime soon.



Evoking Beauty Turner, spoken word artist, Tiff Beatty begins “Bronzeville Goddamn” with a question

A question that Beauty Turner, a public housing activt would often ask during her imfamous G.H.E.T.T.O bus tours. A tour that in many ways was a reflection on home and dislocation. I won’t get in too deep cause Tiff does an amazing job at reflecting on home, Beauty Turner’s legacy, Bronzeville history and beyond. Read/Listen to Bronzeville Goddamn and come back from questions/prompts to help guide your own reflection.

Bust out some paper and and reflect on your relationship  the land /home. Click "questions/prompts" for just that from Tiff.