Are you a creative? A builder of things? (truth we all are in some way) Let's have a discussion below. 

this is a shoutout to the process

the messy unassured wide open anything can happen process. 

to showing up into the room day after day.

to doing it right.

bright white glows. google docs. unfinished readings. collages. to good ideas. to the scratches that follow falls. to sparks that lead nowhere. unraveling.

to missteps

to glorious mistakes


when you don't wanna do it


you've done it day in and day out so you do it anyway.

this is an i see you to the process

teaching me the timbers of my own voice

holding me through the wild wreckages.

the bare rebuildings.

this is to throwing it alllll


crumbled paper

to the plateau


play more. eat your breakfast so you are not lightheaded.

hey hamstrings. i feel you. 

hey spine. curve alittle more today

the process of moving even when confused. trust among darkness' void.


just trust.

now trust alittle more.

sagged bags of books. crumpled brown paper. silent rooms. mason jars of slushing tea. full journals. warm ups that turn into jam sessions. to naps. to snacks. to dirty yoga mats. 

this is to the mornings at links. the quiet afternoons with the coffee table pulled to the side. stifled leaps in the living room. pink sunsets and hissing radiators warming the attic at SSCAC.

1. favorite moment of your process?

2. what has to be done in order for you to better work/create?

3. on a scale of 1-5, how likely are to throw it all away and start anew at some point in the process.

4. what do you tell yourself while you are in the process? what are your mantras? (bonus points if you write it down/take a photo and upload it'll be featured in a future edition)

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